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Keep Your Joy and Rise, LLC, along with the video/podcast Checking in with Dr. B., works with educators and artists of all genres to identify, celebrate, and expand the scope and unique possibilities of their singular skills.


Our goal is to empower people to retain and regain the joy derived from working in their area of expertise and to use that joy to propel them to future success.


Here at Keep Your Joy and Rise and Checking in with Dr. B, we work in three areas - we offer one on one consultations, shared networking opportunities and resources, and create a community of like-minded spirits. Our approach is unique as we bring together experts from an array of fields who share their expertise and their contrasting journeys to find and keep their joy.


In her grad school days, wishing to keep the joy that she found in Music, Dr. B. developed, with the assistance of stellar professors, an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program combining Music, International Affairs and Business. Her dissertation involved initiating 3 international conferences, producing 3 major shows that brought artists of all genres together, and composing original works for the shows. She thus created and followed the 3Ds framework that allowed her to find and keep her joy and rise in the process. Dr. B. utilizes this framework with mentees and in volunteer service on a variety of boards. 


Keep Your Joy and Rise has used this approach with consistent success. Many of our mentees pursue and create opportunities for themselves and others across the globe in the arts, sciences, education and a variety of other fields.


This work is personal for all of us, but for Dr. B. it really hit home when a young artist, frustrated and despondent by economic and personal challenges, committed suicide. This artist could see no way forward and lost the joy that art had given. We want all to keep the joy that is within and use it as a positive force in our lives and in the lives of others. 

Our world faces major challenges and many have become frustrated, burnt out and disillusioned. Mental health issues have skyrocketed as we strive to deal with one calamity after another. On a personal level we need creative restoration and, globally, a renewed focus on innovation for the health of the planet and all its inhabitants.


Here’s what you can do to rise: 


Thank you.  We are looking forward to what we will achieve together.

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"The essences I have found and have tried to pass along are respect and truth – to the music and to self."

 Dr. B.


The Jumpstart Network is a Subscription & Networking Forum that 

supports each individual's vision and growth so we can all KEEP OUR JOY and RISE!

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