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Checking in with Dr.B. Podcast

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Come explore and develop your joy, so you can use it as the nucleus for growth and success.


Keep Your Joy and Rise with Dr. Dawn Batson, AKA Dr. B., offers coaching for creatives, educators, artists of all genres, and industry professionals.


Sessions, virtual and in person, and the Jumpstart Networking Forum, identify, celebrate and expand the scope of your unique skill sets.

Come share the joy!

Step 1
(and you don’t have to start here!)

Use coaching/mentoring to explore the facets of life that bring you joy and foster career success.

Step 2
(use this step constantly!)

Use our Resources page to discover and rediscover ways to incorporate joy in your

life and work.

Step 3
(again constant use suggested!)

Connect with those on similar and dissimilar paths, share joyous moments and creations, and engage in courageous journeys of discovery.


Dawn K. Batson, Ph.D., is a creative professional with twenty plus years of experience in multicultural education and arts administration. She utilizes music and the arts with emphasis on the steel pan (often known as the steel drum in the United States) as a medium for cross-cultural outreach. As the Executive Director of Keep Your Joy and Rise, LLC, she conducts training sessions in personal empowerment, team building, equity and inclusion for professionals and institutions across the globe. 

Drum Band

Dawn K. Batson, also known as Dr. B., knows what she's talking about when it comes to the steel pan (often known as the steel drum in the United States). She is now offering an online market where steel pan musicians and conductors can find the best music scores available for percussionists and orchestras. 

Checking in with Dr. B.


A talent or skill used in unique ways can lead to a lifetime of success.

Dr. Dawn K. Batson, AKA "Dr. B.", interviews past students and other professionals who successfully live their joy.  Each episode highlights career possibilities, so tune in - use your joy to rise!

Listening to Music on Phone

You have to dream

Carlon Lyons is Checking in with Dr. B



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